Rebecca Wilton

<i>Playground</i>, 2008. 81 bw slides, dimension variable

‟(…) At the beginning, you still think it’s up to you. But everything disappears. You, and someday me. Maybe a colorful bird will come by again and call your ‛hello’ to me. Maybe its offspring.

But then it finally becomes silent. The silence, of which I am a part, makes me shudder. It will remain. Sunmoonsunmoonsunmoon.”
Exerpt from a story by Sebastian Orlac that accompanied the exhibition Sunny Moon at Klemm’s Berlin 2011

Playground (right) and Palaces (left) at the exhibition Close the Gap, Werkschauhalle Leipzig, 2008
Playground (with Sven Johne) at the exhibition Sunny Moon, Klemm's Berlin, 2011