Rebecca Wilton

Album by Anne Schumann and Rebecca Wilton is an artist book that constructs a biography of the 20th century in the form of a private photo album. The reproduced album never existed. Compiled from a wide variety of archives, it tells a fictional life that took place not in one, but sometimes in many biographies. This photo album seems to have become the basis for historical-scientific research: at the bottom of each facsimile page there are footnotes that attempt to interpret and analyze images and supposedly personal notes and to place the material in a larger context. Lexically and in the style of textbooks, they follow the tradition of an explanatory historiography, which here is confronted with inconsistent footage and thus led ad absurdum.


Album, 2010. Softcover, 22.5 x 30 cm, 76 pages. Published by Lubok Leipzig, design: Helmut Völter