Rebecca Wilton

Lighting the Archive & Mike Sperlinger, Objects in Time, 2023

In Objects in Time, →Lighting the Archive engages the writer and curator Mike Sperlinger in dialogue. Sperlinger studied the careers of the photographers Marianne Wex and Chauncey Hare through the lens of the art market’s economy of attention and interwove biographical facts with external circumstances shaping their paths, including their withdrawals from the art system and their eventual rediscovery as “forgotten artists.” A re-published essay by Mike Sperlinger relates how the latter was possible; Lighting the Archive’s Maren Lübbke-Tidow and Rebecca Wilton spoke to the author to discuss the central role that the question of the archive played in his efforts.


Objects in Time, 2023. Softcover, 14 × 21 cm, 112 pages, 32 color and 7 b/w images, German and English edition. Published by →DISTANZ, design: Manuel Tayarani